Aleksei Matveev
f.a.q section creation
sooner or later, users begin to have questions about the use of the product, the answers to which they can only get from technical support. but what if there are more than a million users, and the support team runs out of resources for a quick response?
different solutions can help, depending on the type and frequency of the problem. however, in general, onboarding, tooltips, badges, popups, botnets - any interaction that does not complicate the experience and informs the user about a particular function in the clearest way possible - can help us.
someone will say that instead of information complications it is better to make everything clear and convenient at once, but «understandability» is impossible to trace either qualitatively or quantitatively. there will always be a group of people who either do not understand what and how it works, or are not interested in how it can work.
for this products develop a separate section devoted to frequently asked questions, which contains all sorts of information about the product and its functions - F.A.Q.
Lensa has a fairly simple editor interface, which is hard to get lost in because of the familiar behavioural patterns of similar applications. by exploring the application in real time, trying out certain functions, it will be easy to master.
however, it's not that simple. the problem arose because of two factors.
firstly, the load on the helpdesk exceeded the permissible capacity. secondly, there were a number of issues that could not be told by the usual interaction, so the implementation of the FAQ turned out to be a neat solution.
the final goal was to reduce the number of template support calls by developing a section in the settings where the user could find answers to the top questions:
  • how to edit photos;
  • why something doesn't work;
  • lacks functions;
  • subscription work
all requirements were formed based on the research of the FAQ's of other applications:
  • some support was divided into sections (chat, feedback and Q&A);
  • others used articles, what's new, and searchable topic guides
We wanted something that:
  • available in a minimum number of actions;
  • laid out in a simple and understandable way;
  • presented in the form of large blocks with topics, a list of questions and answers;
  • contains an emoji as an evaluation metric;
  • brings the user to the helpdesk if no answer was found;
  • can provide ongoing support and maintain relevance regardless of release
by the time of discussions for FAQ was ready all copywriting, so the main debate were on the subject of implementation: upload all the Assets to the server or store in a downloadable assembly, as well as methods of visualisation: a one-page sheet with a search or an accordion for each question.
while the pros of keeping everything in the assembly outweighed the cons, the visualisation floundered from one to the other until it was decided to use page navigation via grouped tables on iOS and lists on Android, replicating the native settings from which the questions were to be accessed.
The section turned out to be rich: 5 topics, clearly explaining all the features of the application, 17 questions, more than 30 answers and images available in a couple of steps.
during the technical implementation, FAQ has managed to grow by almost 2 times and got an additional feature called «Question Tree», which is activated when communicating with the support and helps navigate faster in the FAQ'a topics.
in the future it is planned to expand the functionality with experiments to improve the user experience and work with commercial offers.
after the release of the FAQ it became much easier for the technical support to handle calls on Lensa. the numbers clearly show it: requests for subscriptions are 2 times less: from ~330 to ~130 tickets per month, and for «Face Detection» is 4 times less, from ~40 to ~10 tickets per month.
we also learned that between March and May, ~5,000 unique users clicked on at least one FAQ (that's about 2% of all active new users), while the total number of hits on all topics and questions already exceeds 3,000,000 requests.
the most frequently read topics:
  • subscription — 39%;
  • get to know Lensa — 39%;
  • i have a suggestion — 32%;
  • some features are not active — 23%;
  • video — 17%
within the "Subscription" topic, the most popular questions are:
  • cancellation (58% of those who interacted with subscription blocks);
  • the trial (51% of those who interacted with the subscription block)
it is noteworthy that of those who studied the "Cancellation" block, 8% cancelled their subscription during the day (~100 out of ~1200).
in addition, after the release, the average ARR score of the app increased from 3.44 to 3.55, although the ANR score of the app itself is still 4.9.